ARC Metaboost Capsule is a solution for wellness and aesthetic needs as it works on the Lymphatic System.

The lymphatic system drains excess fluid and toxins that accumulate in tissues and organs. It transports water, proteins, lipids, white blood cells, hormones, nutrients and waste into the blood stream. A swift and regular lymphatic flow leads to a fast and efficient metabolism. On the other hand, a deficient lymphatic circulation may weaken and intoxicate the body, creating various health issues such as swelling, weight gain, skin problems, premature ageing, pain etc.

Lymphatic system stimulation with LL Ultrasound followed by a 30 – 60 minute session in ARC Capsule.


  • Obesity
  • Water Retention & Heavy legs
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Overall Cell Healing

Below you will find the most common results for ARC Metaboost Capsule Treatment:

  • Promotes the oxygenation operation of the body, which prevents body fat from being stored and it promotes general well-being.
  • Stimulates sweating, which dissolves and removes fat under the skin and results in weight loss.
  • Stimulates the cell functions and heals the skin.
  • Activates the body operations, which promote the hormone operations and remove impurities, such as heavy metals from the body.
  • Gives energy that stimulates the metabolism and eliminates fatigue.
  • Acts as physical therapy for muscle and nervous system problems. It balances the operation of the nervous system by relieving the muscle pain.
  • It soothes and removes pain, relieves infections and activates the immune system.
  • Recovers the cells and prevents veins from blocking, renews neurons that recover the sense of touch and muscle operation.
    You can choose Daily to Monthly sessions to maintain and improve overall wellness and body shape, as the treatment produces weight-loss, aesthetic and detoxing results.