If you’re gonna do it, do it right!

As a Latin growing up in South America, I have been immersed in a culture where cosmetic & aesthetic procedures are 110% mainstream, at every level of society. This type of open environment leads to a faster adoption of improved methods because the existing ones are openly discussed & constantly challenged which fosters innovation, safer & more effective methods in order to survive within the industry.

In moving to Indonesia I’ve seen cosmetic surgery & aesthetic procedures which were once ‘taboo’ become more mainstream but still “under the blanket”. So sadly people still fall for advertisement schemes of clinics who hold on to past methods. Also the priority for many Doctors & their staff is the sales target, dangerously neglecting proper attention & priority to safety & patient education of side effects even of non-invasive procedures. In my own experience I see there is very little focus or effort put into the consultation process to identify the real root-cause.

There is much evidence that equipment used by local clinics comes from un-known manufacturers with poor quality control; & the more advanced types of equipment being used in elite clinics is heavily endorsed by western celebrities. But many of the celebrities advertised as endorsers, are people who very few would want to look like due to the abusive amount of cosmetic surgery they’ve undergone. These equipment manufacturers strive for celebrity endorsements so that they can better sell the equipment to clinics who in turn default to this kind of equipment because it gives them a sort of all-in-one package. So the trend is to fill the clinic with popular-brand-name machines or products, hire a known doctor, & throw in a few local celebrity, ask him or her to endorse the clinic, so people will can find good reviews & that takes care of the marketing for them. This is not what you will find at ARC.

All ARC technology is very powerful as a standalone, but even this is not the main focus at ARC. The ARC focus is on Progressive Aesthetics & Cell Permeation.

Most Aesthetic Procedures be it non-invasive or invasive focus on the quickest results; in almost every case this shocks the body’s system. It’s a fact that removing or introducing something from the system or metabolic cycle in a non-progressive way will create a dependency or over-compensation effect. The reason for this is because the system is not treating that aesthetic issue like a negative agent, in fact it has been living very comfortably with it as part of the metabolic cycle. This is why the ARC Method is two-faceted: a) treatments combine technologies in safe & progressive cycles that decrease instead of increase in frequency & b) Identification needed substances at cell level & the permeation of said cells with Transdermal Electroporation.

With ARC my goal is to introduce the method of Progressive Aesthetics & Cell Permeation. The ARC Method does create immediate results, but focus goes beyond that, to creating system automation or auto-maintenance of the result achieved. I recognize that with time better & more advanced technologies & methods will take the place of our exiting ones & I look forward to that.